International Journal for ITS Research

Noise contour map

Welcome to Chung Laboratory

This laboratory belongs to the Collaborative Research Center for Advanced Mobility (ITS Center), Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.

Current research topics are:
traffic risk indicators
traffic risk management
data fusion
urban network travel time estimation
dynamic OD estimation
areawide noise modelling

Speed flow diagram

Traffic data

Free download of traffic data for the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and Delft Motorways, Netherlands are available for research. For more information, visit




10th Int. Conf. on Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation AATT2008
Athens, Greece
27 - 31 May 2008

ITS Geneva 2008
Geneva, Switzerland
10 - 12 June 2008

9th Intelligent Transport Systems Asia-Pacific Forum & Exhibition
14-16 July 2008

23rd ARRB Conference
Adelaide, Australia
30 July - 1 August 2008

3rd International Symposium on Transport Simulation (ISTS08)
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
6-8 August 2008

International Workshop on Traffic Data Collection and its Standardisation
Barcelona, Spain
8-9 September 2008

15th ITS World Congress
New York City, New York
November 17-20, 2008

16th ITS World Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
September 27-October 4, 2009